Repeated miscarriage

Miscarriages occur in about one in six of all pregnancies. this is usually due to abnormalities in the embryos, and this problem increases as a woman ages and her egg quality deteriorates.

Up to three percent of couples have three or more successive miscarriages.

Extensive investigations include testing her uterine anatomy, hormone problems, clotting factor and immune problems. we will also investigate his sperm quality and test the karyotype (chromosomes) of both partners.

These investigations identify a treatable cause in about half of all cases.

The remainder is usually due to abnormal sperm and eggs or just plain ‘bad luck’. although obviously distressing, those couples have a good chance of success in the following pregnancy.

Dr Sacks is a clinical director of IVFAustralia.

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Partnership with The Pink Elephant Support Network

At The Pink Elephants Support Network, our aim is to support, nurture and empower women who are experiencing infertility and miscarriage.

Through Pink Elephants, we want to reduce the feelings of isolation many women feel by connecting them with other women who have experienced the journey before them, and are now able to mentor others. Miscarriage and infertility may be individual journeys, but no woman should have to walk them alone. So we want every woman to have the opportunity to connect with someone who ‘gets it’. We will also run closed groups on our website that women can join for additional support in a safe and caring environment.

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