We never thought it would happen for us! After over 4 years of trying to conceive and numerous IVF attempts later, we were giving up hope of a successful conception. As we approached our 16th treatment cycle with IVF Australia, my husband and I decided that this was going to be our last attempt, after trying pretty much every cycle variation over the years.

This last cycle was with Dr Gavin Sacks, and we tried the ‘Bondi Protocol’, which targets Natural Killer cells as a possible cause of infertility. As we were categorised as ‘unexplained infertility’, we were willing to try anything. After a long treatment cycle, we finally received a positive blood test result and were actually pregnant! This cycle was a true team effort – Dr Gavin Sacks’ work with the ‘Bondi Protocol’, Professor Bill Ledger with the egg collection and Dr Juliette Koch with the embryo transfer. All excellent doctors.

However, we do feel that our success this time around specifically is because of the treatment program for NK cells. We can’t thank Dr Sacks enough for pioneering the investigation of the role the immune system plays on implantation failure. It is exciting work that allows many couples who have previously been given no answers to repeated implantation failure (like ourselves), another treatment option that can actually make all the difference. We now call him Dr Gavin ‘Genius’ Sacks!

The team at IVF Australia have been truly wonderful to us over the years. Both doctors and nurses are extremely professional and caring, and we felt that we were always in the best hands. Thank you to everyone involved in our whole journey to pregnancy.